Hi, I'm Walker.

I live in Greenville, South Carolina, where I'm currently honing my craft as UI Designer for Erwin Penland. Over my career I've had the opportunity to touch nearly every type of project and platform, but no matter what I'm working on, my goal is to do thoughtful, well-crafted work that has enduring value. Hopefully I'm learning something and helping people along the way.

I'd love to meet you.

Kind words from people I've worked with:

Willing and collaborative, Walker is committed to sharpening his own skills while adding as much value to a project as he can. His thoughtful approach makes it clear that he takes design seriously—a trait that has been noticed by our team and appreciated by our clients.

Matt Ferebee
Principal, Ferebee Lane + Company


When I brought Walker in to Ferebee Lane to work on a special project, I was pleased to find that he not only did what was asked of him, he also thought about how he could take his design(s) a few steps further. From concepting to production, Walker's willingness to take on any project was appreciated by co-workers and clients alike. Anyone would be lucky to have Walker on their team.

Sara Beth Dill
Project Manager, Cargo


It's always a pleasure to work alongside a sharp and innovative thinker like Walker. One of his best attributes is his desire to push his concepts to their fullest potential in every step of the design process. His logical thinking skills, good organization, and strong work ethic make him a responsible and reliable coworker. And his quick wit and approachable personality make him a joy to be around in or out of the office.

Jivan Davé
Art Director, Ferebee Lane + Company